International Journal of Anesthesiology and Pain Research

Domenico Carbone

Department of Emergency Medicine, Italy

Domenico Carbone, works in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Umberto I Hospital, Nocera Inferiore, Salerno, Italia where he has responsibility for anesthesia in neurosurgery. He is head of the vascular access team. Dr. Carbone graduated in Medicine and Surgery, in 1997, at the University of Naples Federico II and then undertook postgraduate studies in anesthesia and intensive care, gaining his doctorate in 2001. He also obtained the Postdoctoral Degree in Health Administration (DOSAN) at the University of Salerno. Carbone acts as an editorial board member for several medical journals. He has been a speaker at numerous conferences and conventions, and is the author of about 30 scientific publications in the fields of anesthesia, pathophysiology, neurodegenerative diseases, nutraceuticals, treatment of pain, oncology, and palliative care.

General Anesthesia Research - Perioperative Medicine - Postoperative Risk Assessment – Vascular AccessIntraoperative Monitoring and Experimentation of New Technologies – Brain Monitoring of Anesthesia – Cancer Pain Management – Pain Research – Preclinical Research (neurodevelopmental disorders, oncology, nutraceuticals)