International Journal of Biology and Medicine

Tien Anh Ngo

Technical University of Denmark , Denmark

Dr. Tien Anh Ngo received his Ph.D. in Fundamental Energy Science for emerging molecular design principles of functional biomolecules and biomolecular assemblies in Division of Biofunctional Chemistry Research Section, Institute of Advanced Energy-Kyoto University with Prof. Takashi Morii (Japan, Mar.2015), followed by postdoctoral research (2015–2016) with the same group. Since April. 2016, he joined Research Group for Analytical and Predictive Microbiology, LAMINATE team with Prof. D.D. Bang at Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute (DTU Food) as a postdoc. His area of research is the development of Molecular Diagnostics assays with particular emphasis on the development of a Lab-on-a-chip platform integrated solid phase PCR for multiple detection pathogens, microbial resistance genes, and microRNAs for Sepsis Diagnosis and detection technologies for point of care industries.

Molecular diagnostics, Structural DNA nanotechnology, Microbiology