Journal of Chemistry and Applications

Mohamed Samir Mohy El-Din

University of Jeddah , Saudi Arabia.

The ability to tailor the chemical structure of materials provides the ability to exquisitely control materials properties. Polymers, more than any other material, offer this possibility to fine-tune their mechanical, thermal, barrier, optical and electrical properties. Polymers can also play a major role in the nanotechnology revolution. I have research interests in the areas of: • Membranes separation process included dialysis, thermo-dialysis, affinity separation and fuel cell processes. Also, • Treatment of water and wastewater using nano-polymeric and micro-polymeric particles, including heavy metals, dyes and oil spills removal, is another field of his interest. • Bio-applications of polymers such as tissue engineering scaffolds (bone regeneration), wound dressings, drug delivery systems, antimicrobial polymer systems, protein separation and concentration and enzymes immobilization for different biotechnological and medical applications are the second main area of my interest.