Open Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health


Izmir Demokrasi University, Turkey

Dr. Betul ERTUGRUL, Dental Doctor (Ph.D.- Orthodontics), now is an Associate Professor of Orthodontics, head of the Izmir Demokrasi University Dentistry Faculty Department of Orthodontics, members of the Turkish association of dentists, European Federation of Orthodontics and Turkish Federation of Orthodontics. He got his Masters Degree at Ege University, Dentistry Faculty and She got his Ph.D and Specialist Dr. in Orthodontics, at Van Yuzuncu Yil University Dentistry Faculty. His PhD Thesis is about Orthodontics, EVALUATION OF THE EFFECT OF TWO DIFFERENT INDIRECT BONDING METHODS ON THE CONNECTION STRENGTHS OF THE BOTTOM IN THE LOWER JAW MODEL WITH EXTREMELY ANTERIOR TRANSPARENCY IN VITRO.

Bonding Methods Dental lasers Dental immunology Dental tomography