International Journal of Genetic Medicine and Gene Therapy

Leen Abu Safieh

King Fahad Medical City, Saudi Arabia

Currently working as a Clinical Research Consultant, at king fahad medical city research center. I am developing the inherited diseases research within the genomics department. Our research interest is focused on genetically and molecularly characterize different types of cancers and wide range of genomic conditions. We aim to understand more about the causes and disease mechanisms and help develop diagnostic and prevention protocols. I have a PhD in Human Molecular Genetics from the institute of ophthalmology, UCL, London, UK in 2003. Had a Master degree in Biomedical Sciences from Westminister University, London, UK. I have over than 15 years of experience in the field of molecular genetics, my research resulted in the identification of 7 novel genes all involved in different retinal diseases and all been published in high impact factor journals. Main Area of research is focused on inherited genetic diseases such as ophthalmic conditions and other complex genetic disorders.

genomics, inherited diseases, ophthalmic genetics.