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Dr. Marian Verdes

Affiliation :
Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain,Spain

Biography :

Marian Verdes received her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Chemistry and developed her minor thesis at University of Basque Country at Leioa (Biscay)-Spain. She obtained her Diploma of Advanced Studies at University Complutense of Madrid in the inter-university doctorate program in Applied Physical Chemistry. She achieved her Doctorate in Applied Physical Chemistry at Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) in 2015. Nowadays, she carries out her theoretical investigations (Physical-Chemistry properties) about atmospheric aggregates at UAM.

Research Interest :

My research interest is to cover a wide variety of fields inside of Applied Physical Chemistry, in particular, the heterogeneous nucleation kinetic reactions that take part in the Stratosphere on polar stratospheric clouds involved in the depletion of ozone layer to improve the human health. Through the quantum mechanics, the ab initio electronic structures of molecules, aggregates and aerosols implied in the stratospheric reactions, will be optimize them to understand the nucleation mechanisms. Moreover, relevant industrial field like corrosion of metals and ceramics is necessary to investigate to better understanding their physico-chemical properties, electronic structures, Infrared spectra, and hydrogen bonds, inter- intra-parameters on their geometries… to explain the industrial behaviour and to reach an industrial profit of their characteristics. On one hand, the industrial smog and pollutants are other of the relevant interests to research on the environmental pollution, due to the effect on the human health, always from a theoretical point of view. The quantum theories will can help to discover how the pollutant molecules react in the troposphere. To know how are and what temperatures are favourable these nucleation reactions, is the goal of this research. On the other hand, the quantum optimization of electronic structures, to determine their physico-chemical properties —as part of basic science— will allow for improve the knowledge of catalytic processes, aromatic compounds reactions, optical properties and astrophysics clusters.

Biography of Marian Verdes JCA