Anti Plagiarism Policy

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•Plagiarism originates from authors using others work without proper citation. Plagiarism is a form of cheating on others’ work particularly when it is deliberate and systematic. Plagiarism consists of a person/s claiming another person’s ideas or findings or works as one’s own by copying or reproducing the work do must acknowledgment of the source.

• Plagiarism may occur in several forms like presenting substantial extracts from books, journal articles, thesis and other published or unpublished work without properly indicating the source of the material.

•Copy paraphrasing of sentences or whole paragraphs must acknowledgment in the form of reference to the original work.

•Exactly copying and pasting of data, tables, figures from other publications without acknowledging the source and closely replicating the structure of someone else’s one’s own argument without apparent reference and ready for credit to the source.

Plagiarism checking before proceeding publication:

RAFT open access publishing will check plagiarism for all the articles before prior publication. If the plagiarism content is observed by editors, peer reviewers or by editorial staff members at any stage of publication process at the time of editing or proof-reading will be informed to the author to rewrite the manuscript. In any case, if the submitted original manuscript is 25% plagiarized then the article will be rejected and the same will be notified to the author.

How RAFT open access will handle the manuscript with plagiarism content

Plagiarism is handled based on the % of the plagiarized content present in the manuscript. If it contains >5 % plagiarism: Manuscript ID will be provided and sent back to the author to revise the manuscript.

>25% - manuscript ID will not be assigned and will ask author to revise the manuscript.
<25% - manuscript will be rejected and will notify author to rewrite the article.

What to do if a publisher comes across plagiarism content in any of the RAFT journal

Please inform our editorial office by providing journal name, title of manuscript, author name, issue number, year of publication and other relevant information. We will handle the situation according to plagiarism policy.

If plagiarism is found after publication of the article

If the plagiarized content is noticed after the publication of the article then, the same will be notified to the author and depending upon the % of plagiarism the article will be withdrawn from our journal.

RAFT does not encourage any form of Plagiarism. Hence, we strongly recommend you to check your content before submitting it to any of our Journals for publication. Plagiarism can be detected by using several free 'Plagiarism Checking software's available online, although they are not completely reliable.

You can also send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or reach us
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