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JournalTitlePublished DatePDFXML
IJFSEntomology in Forensics - Multidisciplinary Character During Forensic Research2021-08-02[PDF] [XML]
JVSRTraditional ethnoveterinary knowledge of indigestion or diarrhoea treatments in cattle on the Bilogora hills in Croatia2021-08-02[PDF] [XML]
JVSRReview on Common Infectious Diseases of Neonatal Calves2021-07-17[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEconomic losses caused by rodents in some types of maize fields at Farshout District, Qena Governorate, Egypt2021-07-17[PDF] [XML]
JCRIDemographic Variables, Co morbidities and Clinical Presentation of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) in a tertiary Care Hospital in Bangladesh: A Cross Sectional Study2021-07-13[PDF] [XML]
GJULower Urinary tract function following Radical Cystectomy and Orthotopic neobladder Urinary diversion2021-07-13[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDCardiac Rehabilitation Effects on Depression in Stable Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction Patients2021-07-08[PDF] [XML]
CJOA simple, no-cost, versatile, new gadget for lateral weight bearing skiagrams, its importance in Diagnosis & Treatment of Clubfoot Deformities (From Trash to Trove)2021-07-08[PDF] [XML]
JCANoncomunicable/Aging Diseases with the Perspective of Quantum Physics2021-07-03[PDF] [XML]
CJNDownregulation of ephrin-B1 is a critical event of podocyte injury2021-06-30[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHEfficacy and safety of the combination nifuratel-nystatin and clindamycin-clotrimazole, in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Randomized controlled clinical trial2021-06-18[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHAssessment of Sediment and Nutrient Losses from Forest, Pasture, Tea and Cropped Farms along the Nyondo River Basin2021-06-14[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEA survey on the service quality of launch terminal in Bangladesh based on customers satisfaction2021-06-14[PDF] [XML]
IJBMEffect of cyclophosphamide on hematological and physiological and possible protective role of Berberis vulgaris in mice2021-06-05[PDF] [XML]
RJCSEImplementation of Local Area Network (LAN) & Build a Secure LAN System for BAEC Head Quarter2021-06-05[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCEvaluation of the clinical effectiveness of the method of Skin Rejuvenation using Electrostimulation2021-06-01[PDF] [XML]
IJHOLong Term Assessment for Delayed Toxicities of Radiotherapy for Cervical Cancer Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus2021-06-01[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTAre we near the cure of genetic diseases and possibly cancers, in the advanced CRISPAR era??2021-06-01[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHStorage Temperature and Atmosphere Alleviates Chilling Injury of Marula (Sclerocarya birrea subspecies caffra) Fruit2021-05-27[PDF] [XML]
IJMERisk Priority Number (RPN) assessment in design failure modes and effective analysis for the Automobile Plant using factor analysis2021-05-27[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHHepatoprotective activity of Chamaecrista nigricans in Experimental Rats2021-05-26[PDF] [XML]
JCRIAnatomical location of undescended testes and comparison between their size at different anatomical locations: A cross sectional study2021-05-25[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHParental mediation and rules for children’s digital technology use during spring 2020 lockdown in Croatia2021-05-22[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHPhytochemical Screening and Mass Spectrometric Analysis to Unveil the Pharmacological Properties of Weed Euryops pectinatus2021-05-22[PDF] [XML]
IJFSUnexpected Baby Death - SIDS or Not?2021-05-22[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHA survey study to assess the knowledge and awareness of the indian sub-population regarding the effects of diabetes on dental implants2021-05-18[PDF] [XML]
IRJOTail flap for eyelid reconstruction: An alternative to the Tenzel flap2021-05-18[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRPreclinical Study of Nanostructured Cubic Liquid Crystalline Formulating of Ulva Fascista Bioactive Polysaccharides against Hepatocirrhosis2021-05-07[PDF] [XML]
IRJOAdvanced Glycation end product profile of Diabetic and Non-Diabetic patients with cataract2021-05-07[PDF] [XML]
JCACyanoacetamide derivatives as corrosion inhibitors; Synthesis, Characterization, DFT and Monte Carlo simulation2021-05-07[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEComparative Analysis of Engineering Properties of Indus River Sand Concrete with Quarry Dust Concrete, District Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan2021-05-05[PDF] [XML]
JCRIImprovement in CT findings and Inflammatory Parameters during Recovery in a Covid-19 patient: A Case Report2021-05-05[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCEffects of social media on Basra College Students and their treatment2021-05-05[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHComparative Studies on the Fruit Yield of two Capsicum Varieties at Physiological Maturity2021-04-28[PDF] [XML]
IRJOElectrophysiological study after ranibizumab in choroidal neovascularizat2021-04-23[PDF] [XML]
OJDAStress, Anxiety and Depression among Pregnant Women during the first wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Israel2021-04-15[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMIncredible Repetition of Number 3 in Adorable Game of Cricket2021-04-02[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTGenetic Mutations Pai-1 4G/4G and ACE D/D that Reduce Fibrinolysis are responsible for most Serious Pregnancy Complications and Abortions and are Best treated with S/C LMW Heparin and Aspirin2021-04-02[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIClinical relevance of combining Thermography with Nailfold Capillaroscopy to improve differentiation between primary and secondary Raynaud’s Phenomenon2021-04-02[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHQuetiapine associated tics in a pediatric patient post overdose on re-initiation: An interesting clinical scenario2021-03-22[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCEffects of ABCDE Bundle Implementation on Reduction of Delirium among Mechanically Ventilated Patients at Damietta Hospital, Egypt2021-03-22[PDF] [XML]
IJFSBiometrics in Criminalistics and Forensics2021-03-22[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEThe Effects of Climate Change on Occupational Safety and Health2021-03-19[PDF] [XML]
GJULaparoscopic management of misplaced ureteral double J stent into a left branch of duplicated inferior vena cava2021-03-15[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDTrimetazidine may normalize left ventricular systolic function and U wave polarity in severe calcific aortic stenosis2021-03-11[PDF] [XML]
JCAAssessment of oil recovery enhancement through surfactant flooding; Experimental and feasibility studies2021-03-10[PDF] [XML]
IJMEUse of artificial neural network in performance prediction of Solid desiccant powered Vapor compression air conditioning systems2021-03-05[PDF] [XML]
IJMEActual Discharge on Venturimeter - A Literature2021-03-04[PDF] [XML]
IJAPRPsoas hematomas in COVID 19 patients2021-02-18[PDF] [XML]
IJHOThyroid cancer in persons as a result of the Chernobyl accident2021-02-16[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIBiopince Full Core Biopsy Device for Percutaneous Lung Biopsy: A Retrospective Analysis of 184 Procedures Analyzing Complication Rates and Procedure Success2021-02-15[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIImproved visualization of Liver Metastases Adjacent to Vessels using Hepatobiliary Phase Gadoxetic-acid-enhanced Single Shot Inversion-Recovery Gradient-Echo (IRGRE) MR Imaging2021-02-15[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRAssessment of Job Satisfaction Among Pharmacy Professionals Working at Drug Stores in Mizan Aman and Tepi Town, Southwest Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study2021-02-10[PDF] [XML]
OJORSalivary Duct Carcinoma arising from pre-existing Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma of the parotid gland: Another rare example with Cytological Correlation2021-02-05[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIBasilar neuralgia vs. dolichoectasia: A report of three cases2021-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JCRIUnilateral pneumocephalus: A rare case2021-01-19[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHReduction in ERCP volume for Acute Cholangitis and other Indications during COVID-19 Pandemic2021-01-11[PDF] [XML]
IRJOCOVID-19, Keep in mind these words: Exposure Dose2021-01-07[PDF] [XML]
IJFSSandarac resin to preserve cadavers and histology specimens: A pilot study2021-01-07[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRAssessment of awareness and attitude towards counterfeit medicines among pharmacy professionals working in community drug retail outlets in Harar town, Ethiopia2021-01-04[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHComparing the mRNA levels in the brain stem of stressed rats with Tianeptine and Sertraline administration2021-01-04[PDF] [XML]
JVSRMercury (Hg) researches in Brazilian biomes: A scientometric analysis between the years 1991 and 20182021-01-04[PDF] [XML]
GRJPAlways Carefully Evaluate the Atlanto-Axial Rotatory Subluxation in Children. One Case Report Presentation2020-12-26[PDF] [XML]
JCANatural and Synthetic Estrogens Regulate Human Health2020-12-23[PDF] [XML]
IJBMApplication of the Parsimony Principle of Exponential Functions to the Production of COVID-19 Immunity, According to Bayesian Theorem and Cybernetics, to Tame Anti-scientific Doxastic Logic and the Pandemic2020-12-14[PDF] [XML]
OJORMultiple Spinal Metastasis of a Thyroid Carcinoma Mimicking Tuberculous Spondylodiscitis: A case report and Literature Review2020-12-10[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHEntamoeba Histolytica Cohabiting Colonic carcinoma -A rare case report2020-11-23[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHManaging COVID + ve patients on inpatient adolescent psychiatry unit- A unique challenge2020-11-20[PDF] [XML]
IRJOEvaluation of Intravital Ranibizumab on Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with Macular Edema by Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography2020-11-19[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDBrugada-like electrocardiogram pattern in a young man taking a proton-pump inhibitor2020-11-16[PDF] [XML]
IJBMNutraceuticals and their Nanotechnology-Based Therapeutic Applications in Different Diseases2020-11-06[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCA study to assess the effectiveness of Rhythmic Breathing exercises on postoperative pain of patient after Abdominal Surgery in selected Hospitals of North Gujarat2020-10-21[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMImpinging problem of COVID 19 associated to obstructive sleep apnea and relevance of ventilatory strategies: A case report2020-10-15[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMCommonsense Approaches to Minimizing Risks from COVID-192020-10-15[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIImpact of COVID-19 on the volume of emergency CT studies in a neuro-trauma reference center2020-10-12[PDF] [XML]
GJURedo hypospadias repair by a single surgeon after failed hypospadias surgeries: Experience from a developing country2020-10-08[PDF] [XML]
RJNNDA brief discussion on the diagnosis and management of Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes associated with ovarian cáncer. The importance of not thinking only about what we see2020-10-08[PDF] [XML]
OJGORWill there still be a need for preparation in Gynecology and Obstetrics for the general surgeons and vice-versa?2020-10-08[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHAsymptomatic free gas post Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) - Is surgical intervention always necessary?2020-09-30[PDF] [XML]
IJHOA Rare Case of Portal Vein Thrombosis due to Protein S deficiency in a patient with Decompensated Cryptogenic CLD with Portal Hypertension, Completely Recanalized by Single Oral Anticoagulant-Rivaroxaban2020-09-12[PDF] [XML]
JCAA Dft Pursuit on Tandem Cycloaddition-Cycloreversion of 2-Pyrone and 1,4-Oxazinone with Strained Alkynes2020-08-29[PDF] [XML]
CJOAwesome repetition of number 3 in correction of Trimorphic Extreme Clubfoot Deformities by Triple Surgical Skin Expansion (An Evolutionary, Multifaceted, Scientific Perspective)2020-08-19[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIThe coronavirus family neurological effects: A literature review2020-08-18[PDF] [XML]
OJORLobular Capillary hemangioma localized to the nasal vestibule: Rare presentation and review of literature2020-08-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHNarcissism: Groundwork for Sectarian Misdemeanors2020-07-01[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHInformed consent and mental health, mainly in Spain, EU2020-06-25[PDF] [XML]
JVSRHigh Fat Diet Load Study in a Natural Obesity-Resistant Animal Model, Suncus murinus2020-06-12[PDF] [XML]
OJDACoronavirus Pandemic: Coping with the Psychological Outcomes, Mental Changes, and the “New Normal” During and After COVID-192020-06-01[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRNatural products and their derived compounds inhibitors of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase2020-05-13[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDVery rare Image for Rheumatoid tricuspid valve changes2020-05-11[PDF] [XML]
OJGORBladder Stone: An Uncommon Cause of Urinary Incontinence2020-05-07[PDF] [XML]
GJPREfficacy of the dry needling of myofascial syndrome in the trapezius muscle: A systematic review2020-05-04[PDF] [XML]
IJBMCoronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Prevention and Disinfection2020-05-01[PDF] [XML]
IJHOCancer Management Practices during the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic2020-04-27[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMYour Next Move: Improving the health of middle-aged men who are overweight or obese2020-04-24[PDF] [XML]
IJFSShort tandem repeat typing technologies used in paternity testing: a case study2020-04-23[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCCutaneous Mastocytosis in a 61-year-old Female from a Dermatological and Histopathological Perspective2020-04-20[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHVegetative growth of Cannabis sativa L. cultivars in Jamaica using 18/6 photoperiod2020-04-18[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHExploring the Applications of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Beyond Erectile Dysfunction2020-04-15[PDF] [XML]
IJHOPharmacoeconomics of bortezomib - a cochin cancer research centre evaluation and review2020-04-07[PDF] [XML]
GJPRPreliminary Study on Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder and Ergonomic Implementation Program among Wood Carvers in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand2020-04-06[PDF] [XML]
JCRILong Term Survival of a Patient with Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer: A Case Report2020-04-03[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHRoot-end restoration using MTA against the intractable cases of root canal treatment2020-03-25[PDF] [XML]
IJHOA Personalized short-time Immunotherapy with Subcutaneous very low-dose Il-2 plus the Pineal Hormone Melatonin in advanced cancer patients with Persistent Lymphocytopenia2020-03-18[PDF] [XML]
JCRIMolds involving toenails: about two case reports2020-03-17[PDF] [XML]
JCRISupravalvulaire Aortic Stenosis: Case Report2020-03-17[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMHumans Stop Eating Everything That Moves! The High Importance Role of Humans' Food-Consumption Pattern in the Incidence of Emerging Diseases2020-03-11[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMRelationship between the COPD assessment test (CAT) and respiratory function characteristics of North African stable COPD patients2020-03-11[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHA Review on ethnobotanical uses, biological activities and phytochemical aspects of Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. and Acacia seyal Delile. (Fabaceae)2020-03-10[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEAcetate kinase activity test - a new approach to biogas production monitoring in the presence of chlorophenols2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDBrucella tricuspid endocarditis: Case report2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDCase report of a submandibular abscess lethally tracking down through the mediastinum presenting as cardiac empyema2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
OJEEESoftware driven approach for Embedded Devices2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
GJUPrevalence of Erectile Dysfunction among men of the Uzbek Population who were on the Inpatient Examination and Treatment2020-02-28[PDF] [XML]
GJUNightmare of urologist: Forgotten DJ stent (case series)2020-02-28[PDF] [XML]
IJMEEnhanced interfacial strength of plasma treated polyethylene and glass2020-02-24[PDF] [XML]
JCRIInjection of a bulking agent to combat urinary incontinence after unsuccessful sling therapy in a patient with post prostatectomy urinary incontinence2020-02-24[PDF] [XML]
CJNRenal Medulla and Cortex Strain Elastography in Healthy Individuals2020-02-20[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTThe p53 Slavic Gene Mutation Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome2020-02-20[PDF] [XML]
IJIAComparison and Detection of biofilms layers in Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli Isolated from Clinical Specimens2020-02-19[PDF] [XML]
OJGORInfluence of Ulipristal Acetate in 3D-PW-Doppler parameters of patients with uterine myomas: a prospective observational pilot study2020-02-19[PDF] [XML]
JCRICancer can be cured©2020-02-19[PDF] [XML]
IJIAEvaluating the Potential of Indirect Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay in the quality control of Allergens in Food2020-02-17[PDF] [XML]
OJGORRural community based study of Magnitude of Anaemia in Women of Reproductive age2020-02-12[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEvaluation of certain pesticides and their alternatives against the black vine thrips, Retithrips syriacus (Mayet) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) infesting grapevine2020-02-10[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMGiant Mediastinal Ganglioneuroma in a Female Child2020-02-07[PDF] [XML]
IJFSTeenager in conflict with the Law: addiction and impulsivity2020-02-07[PDF] [XML]
OSJSGranulomatory Mastitis: A histological benign lesion with a malignant Radioclinical profile: About 3 Cases2020-02-01[PDF] [XML]
GJUTreatment of urolithiasis using extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy2020-01-29[PDF] [XML]
JCAFirst step concerning improvement of arsenic removal by adapted Kanchan filters in the lowlands of Nepal2020-01-29[PDF] [XML]
IRJOHerbal Treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Literature Review2020-01-29[PDF] [XML]
OJRMITomodensitometric aspects of Metastatic Breast Cancer seen in medical imaging in University Hospital Center Luxembourg2020-01-25[PDF] [XML]
GJUClinical Case Review - First HoLEP using Lumenis. LTD patented MOSES technology at the First center in Iraq using the Lumenis. LTD high-power holmium laser system Pulse 120H with Moses technology2020-01-24[PDF] [XML]
IJBMStudy of Copolymerization Acrylamide with Methyl Methacrylate2020-01-24[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIAssessment of the Awareness and Attitude of Emergency Physicians towards the use of Computed Tomography in patients with head injury in various hospitals in Anambra State, Nigeria2020-01-24[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDevelopment of Multiblooming Greengram genotypes with Moderate Mosaic Yellow in resistance2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
JVSREffect of antioxidants on lysozyme and complement activities in heat-stressed rabbits2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMDetermination of Neuro-Muscular, Circulatory, Pulmonary Function and Psychological Fitness among the Second Year Indian Students2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
OJGORManagement of placenta percreta. A case report2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHDetermination of the Duration of single Pregnancy in Dakar and the Contributing Factors2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
OSJSA 14 years old woman with a giant mucinous adenocarcinoma of the ovary: A case report2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
IJAPRThe Opioid Epidemic: Misuse, Tolerance and Addiction2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHComparative Studies of Intra and Inter Specific Hybrid of F2 Generations in Mungbean2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHNew Prediction Models of Innovative Technologies for Maximising the Production of Greengram and Blackgram in Coastal Areas of India2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
OJAETypological analysis for knowledge and Conservation of Spread Built Heritage: A case study2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHPredictive factors of Uterine Rupture2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRPhysicochemical Properties and Stability of Microencapsulated Betacyanin Pigments from Red Dragon Fruit Peels and Flesh2020-01-06[PDF] [XML]
OJDAIs there a connection between fecal and milk microbiota composition and function and perinatal depression? Rationale for future studies2020-01-02[PDF] [XML]
OJGORPersisting high magnitude of anaemia in Women of Reproductive age2019-12-31[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDevelopment of Yellow Mosaic Virus Resistant Genotypes in Urdbean TNAU blackgram VBN 6: A high yielding blackgram variety with resistant to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus2019-12-31[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDevelopment of high yielding with durable resistance against Mungbean yellow mosaic virus genotypes in Blackgram2019-12-31[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHOverview: Integrated Management of Plant Diseases towards Sustainable Development2019-12-27[PDF] [XML]
OJGORAntipsychotics during Pregnancy: Pros and Cons2019-12-27[PDF] [XML]
IRJOGSTs (T1 and M1) population data in patients with glaucoma: genetic screening and ethical aspects2019-12-18[PDF] [XML]
JCRIA fatal near-range gunshot below the chin in a child2019-12-16[PDF] [XML]
OSJSPeritonitis by Spontaneous rupture of ovarian dermoid cyst: a case report2019-12-16[PDF] [XML]
IJMEHeterogeneous objects representation for Additive Manufacturing: a review2019-12-14[PDF] [XML]
JVSRSurvey of Gastrointestinal Parasitic infection in Captive Wild Animals of a Central Zoological Garden in Iran2019-12-13[PDF] [XML]
IJMEDesiccant cooling as an alternative to traditional air conditioners in green cooling technology2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJFSWhen a Juvenile Commit Criminal Act2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIVisual failure following an invasive macroadenoma of the pituitary gland: A case report2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMPulmonary Blastoma in an adult male2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJFNRMicroencapsulation of Betalain from Philippine Beta vulgaris as stable colorant powder2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJFSTwo violations followed by homicide2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJFSEthical implications of terminally ill and the current state of Do Not Resuscitate orders2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCPhysioterapical recovery of type 2 Diabetes2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHAxes and Intestinal Microbiota2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
GJUHyaluronan as a predictive biomarker in recurrent renal stone formers2019-12-06[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEPhytoremediation of Soil Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons: A Review of Recent Literature2019-12-06[PDF] [XML]
JVSRCan Zingiber officinale immunomodulation in Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) against Vibrio alginolyticus?2019-12-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMSimultaneous EEG-fMRI: A novel approach to localize the Seizure Onset Zone 2019-12-04[PDF] [XML]
OJRMITeleradiology pros and cons: Editorial2019-12-04[PDF] [XML]
OJGORImpact of white poisons in Management of Women with Pcos2019-12-02[PDF] [XML]
OJAEAn overview on use of desiccant dehumidifiers in modern air-conditioning2019-12-02[PDF] [XML]
OJORReconstruction of anterior lamella of lower lid by double reciprocal flaps2019-11-29[PDF] [XML]
JVSRAntioxidant role and immunological function of Excoecaria agallocha in Amphiprion sebae against Vibrio alginolyticus2019-11-29[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMEffects of 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) on the activity of human bronchial tissue2019-11-25[PDF] [XML]
JVSRSero-prevalence of serological of Lawsonia intracellularis in domestic pigs in South Korea2019-11-25[PDF] [XML]
AMCPThe study of mood disorders among patients with meningioma as the first symptoms of the tumor2019-11-22[PDF] [XML]
JCANanotechnological advances of Lipid film-based biosensors for the rapid detection of biological compounds and toxicants2019-11-22[PDF] [XML]
MJMRDA comprehensive study of super mean labelling in three star graph2019-11-18[PDF] [XML]
RJCSENew model for local fractional integral of Chebyshev polynomials for image denoising2019-11-18[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIInternal carotid artery injury secondary to acupuncture revealed using MRI2019-11-18[PDF] [XML]
OSJSAggressive Surgical Management of Spontaneous Intramuscular Haematomas in Patients with Cirrhosis is an Important Therapeutic Option2019-11-13[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHA comparison of risk factors and clinical presentations of the young and elderly individuals with Barrett's esophagus2019-11-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHA Case of Myotonia Congenita and Schizophrenia: Difficulties in Treatment with Antipsychotics due to Hypersensitivity to Extrapyramidal Symptoms2019-11-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHIdentification of temperature sensitive resistance to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in wheat differential hosts and its potential applications in resistance breeding2019-11-09[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDRight Ventricle Recovery after ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Treated by Primary PCI as Assessed by 2D Speckle Tracking Echocardiography2019-11-09[PDF] [XML]
OJDAComparison of the Prevalence of addiction internet in Brazilian University Students: Online cognition scale versus internet addiction test2019-11-06[PDF] [XML]
OJDAFormation Prediction of Pre-Nosological Mental Disorders in Combatants2019-11-06[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRPreparation of Natural Antioxidant Health Supplements from Philippine-Grown Medicinal Plants2019-11-04[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHPredicting the Formation of Borderline Mental Disorders in combatants using a standardized method of personality research2019-11-01[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEAre we Already in a Climate Crisis?2019-10-26[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMThe effect of balance activity on Down syndrome boys2019-10-21[PDF] [XML]
IJBMIn vitro susceptibility testing of Candida species isolated from blood stream infections to five conventional antifungal drugs2019-10-19[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHResponse of Plant Hormone bioassay to Paclobutrazol2019-10-18[PDF] [XML]
IJFSCriminal Investigation of a Burning Child2019-10-18[PDF] [XML]
IJFSSexual Assault Forensic Examination in adult and child cases: Is Colposcopy Really Necessary?2019-10-18[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDECMO usefulness in refractory shock secondary to Phenylephrine poisoning: About a case in a Pediatric subject2019-10-14[PDF] [XML]
OJORThe correlation between hearing loss and the site of eardrum perforation: about 260 cases2019-10-09[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHThe Physiological Changes During Pregnancy2019-10-09[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEffect of the Soil Amendments on the Mechanical Harvest of Potato Crop Grown under Centre Pivot Irrigation System2019-10-09[PDF] [XML]
GJUBayesian Tragedy and Categorical Medical Error in Prostate Cancer2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDIntracardiac Repair of Intermediate Atrioventricular Canal by Nunn’s Technique: A Video Presentation2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEffect of the Soil Amendments on the Physical and Chemical Properties of the Soil under Centre Pivot Irrigation System2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDTwo-Patch Repair of Rastelli’s Type-A Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect under Mild Hypothermic Extracorporeal Circulation and Cardioplegic Arrest: A Video Presentation2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
JVSRBaseline survey of Ixodid Ticks Infesting Cattle in Northern State, Sudan2019-10-05[PDF] [XML]
OJAEAn overview on passive cooling systems in green building architectures2019-10-03[PDF] [XML]
RJNNDInterferon-beta, but not Glatiramer Acetate treatment induces gender-specific increase in BDNF serum levels in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis female patients2019-09-14[PDF] [XML]
JVSRRole of BoLA-DRB3 genetic diversity against resistance to mastitis in cattle: Review2019-09-12[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHJustification of Calculation of Illegal Drug Consumption2019-09-10[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMSelf-Regulation in Performing Handstand2019-09-07[PDF] [XML]
IJFSBloodstain Pattern Analysis Provides Evidence during Crime Scene Investigation2019-09-05[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEOil palm biomass wastes as renewable energy sources in Malaysia: Potentials and challenges2019-09-03[PDF] [XML]
IJHOEffect of Green Tea and Zinc oxide Nanoparticles Complex on Histopathology of Spleen of Male Rats Induced by Monosodium Glutamate2019-08-30[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTDeletion of SHANK3 and CREBBP gene in the patients with intellectual disability and mix phenotype2019-08-30[PDF] [XML]
GJUAxitinib radiotherapy combination in rcc cancer2019-08-13[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRTherapeutic targets to reduce the contribution of pulmonary neutrophilic inflammation towards obesity-associated co-morbidities: a mini-review2019-08-10[PDF] [XML]
JVSRAssessment of seasonal and spatial variations of heavy metals in the muscles of Oreochromis niloticus and Clarias gariepinus at Sharkia province, Egypt: Biochemistry and Histology Evaluation2019-08-08[PDF] [XML]
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IJRMSHFertility regulation2019-08-01[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCFocus group qualitative analysis of Middle East and Western nurses assessing and planning interventions in refugee camps2019-07-30[PDF] [XML]
GJPRCombatants’ Self-assessment of Mental Health2019-07-30[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDLeft Ventricular Aneurysmectomy and Repair of Post-infarct Ventricular Septal Defect with Concomitant Aortocoronary Bypass Grafting: A Video Presentation2019-07-27[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDA novel technique of repair of congenital left atrial appendage aneurysm using bovine pericardial patch: A video presentation2019-07-27[PDF] [XML]
IJBMCell thermoregulation hypothesis: its origin, material basis, mechanisms and meaning2019-07-26[PDF] [XML]
IJFSJuvenile Delinquency and the Legal System: Potential Implications and Investigations2019-07-25[PDF] [XML]
OSJSAdherence of Emergency Physicians to Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network-Clinical Decision Rule (PECARN-CDR) in Minor Head Injuries Emergency Patients2019-07-20[PDF] [XML]
IJBMEffect of nanoparticles on Escherichia coli growth dynamics2019-07-19[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCAcute hemorrhagic edema of young children: open questions and perspectives2019-07-17[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCSkin Aging & Modern Edge Anti-Aging Strategies2019-07-11[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHEfficacy Evaluation of Standardized Fenugreek seeds extract as Furostanolic Saponins & Myo-Inositol (Nutricyst-M) in Management of Insulin Resistance (IR) & Ovary Volume in PCOS Subjects2019-07-01[PDF] [XML]
IJBMB-chromosomes and cell thermoregulation2019-06-29[PDF] [XML]
OJGORPersisting teen age births, a global challenge2019-06-28[PDF] [XML]
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IJDSCIdentification of Trichophyton mentagrophytes strains isolated from patients with dermatophytosis2019-06-26[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEClimate change and Paddy Yield in Malaysia: A short communication2019-06-21[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTGenetic counselling of Mucopolysaccharidosis type III: case report and literature review2019-06-16[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMCase report of an unexpected reaction associated with Lumacaftor/ivacaftor therapy for cystic fibrosis2019-06-16[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHThe Economic Burden of PTSD. A brief review of salient literature2019-06-15[PDF] [XML]
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JPHSMImprovements in fitness and vitality after a short high intensity training2019-06-08[PDF] [XML]
OJORGiant lipoma of the left neck: rare location2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDA Treatise on the Surgical Management of Porcelain Atrium and Coconut Atrium2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDAssessment of Dental Status and Oral Health Status in Children with Congenital Heart Diseases2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJFSNewborn Baby Killed a Father2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJFSA case of fatal intracranial haemorrhage due to ruptured berry aneurysm2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
JCRIRole of genetic diagnosis in thyroid neoplasms2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMNeurological Mechanisms in Immune Regulation2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMX-chromosome inactivation: dosage compensation of genes or heterochromatin?2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEObservational developments of the culture of big-belly seahorse, Hippocampus abdominalis (Lesson, 1827): A conservation effort for the future2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHWho Can Treat Mandibular Trauma Better?2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
OSJSQuality of life patients with anorectal disorders2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMCell Thermoregulation: Reality or just a logical Construction?2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
OJFNRValidation of data provided by the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique for better evaluation of breastfeeding practice2019-05-18[PDF] [XML]
OSJSSlipped cervical disc: Treatment by means of, all in one2019-05-09[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHFeasibility Controlling Hemoglobin A1c by Oral Hygiene Improvement: A Pilot Study2019-05-04[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMCatharsis as a therapy: an overview on health and human development2019-05-04[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMCombining Effect of Observational Practice, Mental Imagery and Physical Practice on learning a Soccer Dribbling Task in Amateur Boys2019-05-04[PDF] [XML]
IJAPRSuccessful Treatment of medically refractory scleroderma digital gangrene with long-term continuous brachial plexus block2019-05-02[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRAwareness of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) use among population in Saudi Arabia2019-04-30[PDF] [XML]
RJCSEHeuristics for Efficient Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing2019-04-27[PDF] [XML]
OSJSMedical-legal aspects and risk management2019-04-25[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCUse of Kinaesthetic in patient mobilization: an evaluation study2019-04-25[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHFemale Sexual Dysfunction2019-04-25[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMA Broken Arrow: a rare complication of Endotracheal tube introducer2019-04-24[PDF] [XML]
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OJDOHThe Discourse on Measuring Frequency of Tongue Strength2019-04-22[PDF] [XML]
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IJBMElectrocardiogram Changes with Neuroleptic Cardiomyopathy: The influence of age factor2019-04-13[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHTrasplante de microbiota intestinal, un paradigma en remisión (por reducir a 8 páginas)2019-04-13[PDF] [XML]
IJBMThe Link Between Chronic Periodontitis and Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Short Review2019-04-13[PDF] [XML]
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OJGORAlternative combined surgical treatment of severe pelvic organ prolapsed2019-04-02[PDF] [XML]
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OJPSRA Critical Review on Adaptive Sample Size Re-estimation (SSR) Designs for Superiority Trials with Continuous Endpoints2019-04-01[PDF] [XML]
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OJGORNiche After Cesarean Section2019-03-28[PDF] [XML]
IJFSFemale exposed to violence at Beni Suef governorate (Egypt) "2010-2014"2019-03-28[PDF] [XML]
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IJAPRBotulinum Toxin Treatment for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy A Review2019-03-25[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHOrthodontic anterior teeth space closure in an adult with posterior long standing fixed partial denture2019-03-22[PDF] [XML]
OSJSTyphoid ileal perforation in Shisong, Northwestern Cameroon2019-03-21[PDF] [XML]
IRJORed Eye in Rural Environment: An Unusual Reason2019-03-21[PDF] [XML]
JCANanocomposites and their employment as scavengers of water pollutants2019-03-15[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHCurcumina: Vegetable pigment with pharmacological activities and possible therapeutic applicabilities2019-03-14[PDF] [XML]
GJPREffectiveness of tendoachilles and hamstring stretching on nocturnal leg cramps among antenatal women2019-03-14[PDF] [XML]
GJPRThe Physiotherapy work with Hansen’s Disease Patients2019-03-14[PDF] [XML]
RJSTTThe relation of vitamin D level to adverse prognostic factors in Non Hodgkin lymphoma: A single center analysis2019-03-11[PDF] [XML]
GJUIatrogenic Ureterovaginal Fistulae: Difficulties in Diagnosis and Treatment in Our Case series2019-03-08[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHRobson’s class and caesarean scar defects2019-03-08[PDF] [XML]
JCRIDermoscopy of naevus spilus2019-03-08[PDF] [XML]
JCAApplication of Polyhedral Spherical Packing Precipitation Technology in Water Plant Reform2019-03-05[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHIranian traditional medicine and Medicinal plants2019-03-01[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHA new, economical, and easy protocol to culture 3D mouse hepatoid and cholangoid2019-02-28[PDF] [XML]
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RJNNDRed Ear Syndrome preceding Multiple Sclerosis: A Novel Correlation2019-02-28[PDF] [XML]
OJFNRShedding new light on cancer management - a renewed focus on cancer cachexia2019-02-27[PDF] [XML]
CJOThe importance of the quality of power supply of treating fractures of the bones of the leg according to the ilizarov method2019-02-23[PDF] [XML]
IRJOMonoamines, pterines, or tetrahydrofolate are not useful as biomarkers for diagnosing mitochondrial disorders2019-02-22[PDF] [XML]
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IJBMEvaluation of the awareness regarding denture disinfection in rural Indian population2019-02-20[PDF] [XML]
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GJCEESocial factors for coastal management: A short review and some insights2019-02-12[PDF] [XML]
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IJPMHCreation of an out of hours child and Adolescent Mental Health emergency service2019-02-08[PDF] [XML]
OJGORThe under appreciated need for maternal and newborn immunization: call to action2019-02-08[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMPower supply as a predictor for patronage of recreational centres in kaduna, Nigeria2019-02-06[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCBarriers to Effective Management of Malaria in Children under Five Years in a Primary Care, Ghana2019-02-03[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDUnproven genotype/phenotype correlation in any genetic defect associated with non-compaction2019-02-01[PDF] [XML]
IRJOIdiopathic Macular Telangiectasia Type 2 and Its Relationship with Macular Pigment Optical Density2019-01-31[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHPrevalence, morbidity and mortality of hypertriglyceridemic acute pancreatitis in the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen, México. Analysis of five years2019-01-26[PDF] [XML]
JVSREffects of condensed tannins towards dairy caprine gastrointestinal nematodes2019-01-25[PDF] [XML]
IJBMStroke in mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes is a vasogenic edema and not ischemic2019-01-24[PDF] [XML]
GRJPOne Institution - 2 Podcasts - Our experience2019-01-24[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDConsider cardiac and non-cardiac predictors of sudden death in myotonic dystrophy type 12019-01-24[PDF] [XML]
CJNThe effects of oral sodium bicarbonate on extracellular water in patients with chronic kidney disease2019-01-23[PDF] [XML]
JCASynthesis and Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash Based Magnetic Hydrogel (RHA-MH) for H2 Generation2019-01-23[PDF] [XML]
OJDACould Television Commercials Marketing Prescription Drugs Cause Psychological Harm to the Public?2019-01-23[PDF] [XML]
IJBMHuman adaptation: why only genes?2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHFast-acting effects of l-tetrahydropalmatine on depression and anxiety in mice2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
OSJSLife-threatening spontaneous hematoma of the chest wall treated with packing and delayed chest closure2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
OJORCerebral venous thrombosis secondary to an occult maxillary sinusitis in a young male from sub-Saharan Africa2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
JCRIConservative management of post-traumatic sialocele of the parotid gland: A case report2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JCRIBiological Treatment of a Synthetic Musk in a Raw Hospital Wastewater Under Different Sludge Retention Times2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDNew oral anticoagulants for thromboembolic risk from noncompaction?2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMThe postural impact on the prevention of injuries in young basketball players: A longitudinal preliminary study2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
OJORBrachial plexus schwannoma in early adolescence. Case report2019-01-11[PDF] [XML]
OJGORDemons meigs’ syndrome secondary to begnin brenner tumor with high ca125 plasmatic level: first case described in kara teaching hospital2019-01-10[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHAn ISSR-based genetic diversity analysis of Malus sieversii in Tienshan Mountains in Xinjiang, China and Kyrgyzstan2019-01-09[PDF] [XML]
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IJGMGTUnproven causal relation between a de novo NKX2.5 insertion and left ventricular noncompaction2019-01-08[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHPhysiological and Developmental Response of Selected Upland Rice Genotypes to Water and Nutrient Stress Condition2019-01-07[PDF] [XML]
CJNNephrogenic diabetes insipidus in a patient with lymphoma2019-01-07[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDiurnal variation of the chemical composition and its repercussion on the biological activity polyphenolics of Salvia officinalis aerial parts2019-01-04[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDCardiac involvement in children with respiratory chain disorders2019-01-04[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHFarming of Cucumber in Doon Valley of Uttarakhand, India2019-01-03[PDF] [XML]
IJBMAtCIPK19 aggrandizes polyamines-involved cold stress tolerance in plant cells2019-01-03[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDMYH7 mutation and non-isolated noncompaction2019-01-03[PDF] [XML]
OJGORGestational weight gain and pregnancy outcome in women with excessive pre-pregnancy body mass index2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIMRI validation of Post-Prostatectomy Radiotherapy Contouring2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTPathogenicity of low heteroplasmic m.3243A>G variants requires confirmation2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDQT-prolongation and noncompaction2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
IJBM12S-rRNA and COX1 carriers require comprehensive individual and family investigations and follow-up2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
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JPHSMCircus Student-Artists Anthropometric characterization; Preliminary study2018-12-19[PDF] [XML]
IJHOBurkitt leukemia with atypical morphology and subsequent therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia2018-12-19[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMBiomechanics and Physiology in top level Pole Dancers. A case study2018-12-18[PDF] [XML]

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