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JournalTitlePublished DatePDFXML
JCSHDStress testing-guided assessment of coronary artery bypass grafts patency, at 6 months of follow up. A prospective study2021-10-19[PDF] [XML]
CJOUsing the Implicit Association Test to address Healthcare Disparities in Minority Patients: Initiating the Discussion in Orthopedic Surgery2021-10-15[PDF] [XML]
IJHOWhat Are Answer Strategies Being Researched to Cure or Treat Cancer?2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOMammo Screen Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool Improves Diagnostic Performance of Radiologists in Detecting Breast Cancer2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHONext Generation Diagnostic Pathology Using Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools to Augment a Pathological Diagnosis2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOMechanistic Basis and Therapeutic Strategies in Immune Evasion in Cancer2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOTumor Circulome in the Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOCombinatorial Approaches with Checkpoint Inhibitors to Enhance Anti-Tumor Immunity as Advantages of Targeting the Tumor Immune Microenvironment over Blocking Immune Checkpoint in Cancer Immunotherapy2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOPrediction of the Survival Outcomes of Patients with Non-Small Cell Cancer Using 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography and Clinicopathological Factors2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHONucleic Acids Aptamer Application in Diagnosis and Therapy of Cancer Based on Cell-SELEX Technology2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOThe Immune System of the Human Body in Defense against Cancer2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOAdvancing Cancer Diagnostics with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy for Identifying Chemical Changes Associated with Breast Cancer2021-10-13[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMAnti-Interleukin Biologics for the treatment of the Atopic March Diseases2021-10-09[PDF] [XML]
JCRIA case report of Urinary bladder injury post laparoscopic appendectomy: A rare complication2021-10-07[PDF] [XML]
JCRICandidemia to Candida pararugosa in a child: first case reported in Morocco2021-10-07[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIThe rule of two in Radiology: An Update2021-10-07[PDF] [XML]
IJFSForensics and Applied Linguistics2021-10-06[PDF] [XML]
RJNNDNormal pressure hydrocephalus. Results of shunting correlated with diagnostic tests in 55 patients2021-10-01[PDF] [XML]
OJFNRInvestigating formulation of honey beverages (honey beer and liqueur)2021-10-01[PDF] [XML]
OJORRhinolithiasis: A Rare Clinical Case2021-09-30[PDF] [XML]
GJUInverted papilloma, a Crying wolf of the urinary bladder2021-09-24[PDF] [XML]
OJRMI101 MRI Brain Solutions, 1st Edition: A Book Review2021-09-22[PDF] [XML]
OJRMINumbers in radiology and personalized medicine: A commentary2021-09-22[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIA standardized educational system for radiology programs worldwide: An opinion2021-09-22[PDF] [XML]
IJBMA Tribute to Experimental Physiology2021-09-17[PDF] [XML]
OJORRight lobo-isthmic agenesis of the thyroid: A case report2021-09-17[PDF] [XML]
OJDAAssessing depression, anxiety, stress and psychological impact of Covid-19 on general population of Karachi; A web survey based cross-sectional study2021-09-15[PDF] [XML]
JVSRMicrobial ecotoxicology: A new era of research in Malaysia2021-09-04[PDF] [XML]
OJGORBiological and Biochemical factors Predictive of Oocyte survival, Fertilization, Pregnancy in oocyte thawing cycles2021-08-19[PDF] [XML]
OJORTrichilemmal cyst of the neck: case report and review of the literature2021-08-19[PDF] [XML]
OJAECritical review on use of different types of bio-diesel as sustainable fuel for Internal Combustion Engines2021-08-13[PDF] [XML]
IJHOThe Effect of Solution Molarity on the Structural, Morphological, Optical and Electrical Properties of Nanostructured Cadmium Oxide (CdO) Nano Thin Films as Anti-Cancer Nano Drug in Cancer Cells, Tissues and Tumors under Synchrotron and Synchrocyclotron Radiations2021-08-09[PDF] [XML]
IJHOAnnealing Effects on the Interband Transition and Optical Constants of Ruthenium (IV) Oxide (RuO2) and Ruthenium (VIII) Oxide (RuO4) Nano Thin Films in Cancer Cells, Tissues and Tumors under Synchrotron and Synchrocyclotron Radiations2021-08-09[PDF] [XML]
IJHORhodium (III) Oxide or Rhodium Sesquioxide (Rh2O3) and Rhodium (IV) Oxide (RhO2) Effect on the Stop Growth of Cancer Cells, Tissues and Tumors under Synchrotron and Synchrocyclotron Radiations2021-08-09[PDF] [XML]
IJHORemoval Role, Application and Effect of Nanocluster Rhenium (IV) Oxide (ReO2), Rhenium Trioxide (ReO3) and Rhenium (VII) Oxide (Re2O7) Thin Films Delivery in DNA/RNA of Cancer Cells under Synchrotron and Synchrocyclotron Radiations2021-08-09[PDF] [XML]
IJHOCatalytic Effectiveness of Synchrotron and Synchrocyclotron Radiations on Osmium Dioxide (OsO2) and Osmium Tetroxide (OsO4) Nano Capsules Delivery in DNA/RNA of Cancer Cells2021-08-09[PDF] [XML]
IJHOAdvanced Studies on the Effect of Transition Metal Doped Iridium (IV) Oxide (IrO2) Nano Thin Films in Cancer Cells, Tissues and Tumors under Synchrotron and Synchrocyclotron Radiations2021-08-09[PDF] [XML]
JVSRHeavy metals in the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis: Are they safe as animal feeds?2021-08-09[PDF] [XML]
JVSREffects of Vitamin C and Dimethylsulfoxide (Dmso) on Neuro-Behaviour, Apoptosis and oxidative stress in ischaemic stroke induced rats2021-08-05[PDF] [XML]
IJBMSelf-Dividing Micelles: A Mechanistic Look with Evolutionary and Clinical Implications2021-08-05[PDF] [XML]
IJFSEntomology in Forensics - Multidisciplinary Character During Forensic Research2021-08-02[PDF] [XML]
JVSRTraditional ethnoveterinary knowledge of indigestion or diarrhoea treatments in cattle on the Bilogora hills in Croatia2021-08-02[PDF] [XML]
JVSRReview on Common Infectious Diseases of Neonatal Calves2021-07-17[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEconomic losses caused by rodents in some types of maize fields at Farshout District, Qena Governorate, Egypt2021-07-17[PDF] [XML]
JCRIDemographic Variables, Co morbidities and Clinical Presentation of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) in a tertiary Care Hospital in Bangladesh: A Cross Sectional Study2021-07-13[PDF] [XML]
GJULower Urinary tract function following Radical Cystectomy and Orthotopic neobladder Urinary diversion2021-07-13[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDCardiac Rehabilitation Effects on Depression in Stable Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction Patients2021-07-08[PDF] [XML]
CJOA simple, no-cost, versatile, new gadget for lateral weight bearing skiagrams, its importance in Diagnosis & Treatment of Clubfoot Deformities (From Trash to Trove)2021-07-08[PDF] [XML]
JCANoncomunicable/Aging Diseases with the Perspective of Quantum Physics2021-07-03[PDF] [XML]
CJNDownregulation of ephrin-B1 is a critical event of podocyte injury2021-06-30[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHEfficacy and safety of the combination nifuratel-nystatin and clindamycin-clotrimazole, in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Randomized controlled clinical trial2021-06-18[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHAssessment of Sediment and Nutrient Losses from Forest, Pasture, Tea and Cropped Farms along the Nyondo River Basin2021-06-14[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEA survey on the service quality of launch terminal in Bangladesh based on customers satisfaction2021-06-14[PDF] [XML]
IJBMEffect of cyclophosphamide on hematological and physiological and possible protective role of Berberis vulgaris in mice2021-06-05[PDF] [XML]
RJCSEImplementation of Local Area Network (LAN) & Build a Secure LAN System for BAEC Head Quarter2021-06-05[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCEvaluation of the clinical effectiveness of the method of Skin Rejuvenation using Electrostimulation2021-06-01[PDF] [XML]
IJHOLong Term Assessment for Delayed Toxicities of Radiotherapy for Cervical Cancer Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus2021-06-01[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTAre we near the cure of genetic diseases and possibly cancers, in the advanced CRISPAR era??2021-06-01[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHStorage Temperature and Atmosphere Alleviates Chilling Injury of Marula (Sclerocarya birrea subspecies caffra) Fruit2021-05-27[PDF] [XML]
IJMERisk Priority Number (RPN) assessment in design failure modes and effective analysis for the Automobile Plant using factor analysis2021-05-27[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHHepatoprotective activity of Chamaecrista nigricans in Experimental Rats2021-05-26[PDF] [XML]
JCRIAnatomical location of undescended testes and comparison between their size at different anatomical locations: A cross sectional study2021-05-25[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHParental mediation and rules for children’s digital technology use during spring 2020 lockdown in Croatia2021-05-22[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHPhytochemical Screening and Mass Spectrometric Analysis to Unveil the Pharmacological Properties of Weed Euryops pectinatus2021-05-22[PDF] [XML]
IJFSUnexpected Baby Death - SIDS or Not?2021-05-22[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHA survey study to assess the knowledge and awareness of the indian sub-population regarding the effects of diabetes on dental implants2021-05-18[PDF] [XML]
IRJOTail flap for eyelid reconstruction: An alternative to the Tenzel flap2021-05-18[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRPreclinical Study of Nanostructured Cubic Liquid Crystalline Formulating of Ulva Fascista Bioactive Polysaccharides against Hepatocirrhosis2021-05-07[PDF] [XML]
IRJOAdvanced Glycation end product profile of Diabetic and Non-Diabetic patients with cataract2021-05-07[PDF] [XML]
JCACyanoacetamide derivatives as corrosion inhibitors; Synthesis, Characterization, DFT and Monte Carlo simulation2021-05-07[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEComparative Analysis of Engineering Properties of Indus River Sand Concrete with Quarry Dust Concrete, District Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan2021-05-05[PDF] [XML]
JCRIImprovement in CT findings and Inflammatory Parameters during Recovery in a Covid-19 patient: A Case Report2021-05-05[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCEffects of social media on Basra College Students and their treatment2021-05-05[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHComparative Studies on the Fruit Yield of two Capsicum Varieties at Physiological Maturity2021-04-28[PDF] [XML]
IRJOElectrophysiological study after ranibizumab in choroidal neovascularizat2021-04-23[PDF] [XML]
OJDAStress, Anxiety and Depression among Pregnant Women during the first wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Israel2021-04-15[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMIncredible Repetition of Number 3 in Adorable Game of Cricket2021-04-02[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTGenetic Mutations Pai-1 4G/4G and ACE D/D that Reduce Fibrinolysis are responsible for most Serious Pregnancy Complications and Abortions and are Best treated with S/C LMW Heparin and Aspirin2021-04-02[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIClinical relevance of combining Thermography with Nailfold Capillaroscopy to improve differentiation between primary and secondary Raynaud’s Phenomenon2021-04-02[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHQuetiapine associated tics in a pediatric patient post overdose on re-initiation: An interesting clinical scenario2021-03-22[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCEffects of ABCDE Bundle Implementation on Reduction of Delirium among Mechanically Ventilated Patients at Damietta Hospital, Egypt2021-03-22[PDF] [XML]
IJFSBiometrics in Criminalistics and Forensics2021-03-22[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEThe Effects of Climate Change on Occupational Safety and Health2021-03-19[PDF] [XML]
GJULaparoscopic management of misplaced ureteral double J stent into a left branch of duplicated inferior vena cava2021-03-15[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDTrimetazidine may normalize left ventricular systolic function and U wave polarity in severe calcific aortic stenosis2021-03-11[PDF] [XML]
JCAAssessment of oil recovery enhancement through surfactant flooding; Experimental and feasibility studies2021-03-10[PDF] [XML]
IJMEUse of artificial neural network in performance prediction of Solid desiccant powered Vapor compression air conditioning systems2021-03-05[PDF] [XML]
IJMEActual Discharge on Venturimeter - A Literature2021-03-04[PDF] [XML]
IJAPRPsoas hematomas in COVID 19 patients2021-02-18[PDF] [XML]
IJHOThyroid cancer in persons as a result of the Chernobyl accident2021-02-16[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIBiopince Full Core Biopsy Device for Percutaneous Lung Biopsy: A Retrospective Analysis of 184 Procedures Analyzing Complication Rates and Procedure Success2021-02-15[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIImproved visualization of Liver Metastases Adjacent to Vessels using Hepatobiliary Phase Gadoxetic-acid-enhanced Single Shot Inversion-Recovery Gradient-Echo (IRGRE) MR Imaging2021-02-15[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRAssessment of Job Satisfaction Among Pharmacy Professionals Working at Drug Stores in Mizan Aman and Tepi Town, Southwest Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study2021-02-10[PDF] [XML]
OJORSalivary Duct Carcinoma arising from pre-existing Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma of the parotid gland: Another rare example with Cytological Correlation2021-02-05[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIBasilar neuralgia vs. dolichoectasia: A report of three cases2021-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JCRIUnilateral pneumocephalus: A rare case2021-01-19[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHReduction in ERCP volume for Acute Cholangitis and other Indications during COVID-19 Pandemic2021-01-11[PDF] [XML]
IRJOCOVID-19, Keep in mind these words: Exposure Dose2021-01-07[PDF] [XML]
IJFSSandarac resin to preserve cadavers and histology specimens: A pilot study2021-01-07[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRAssessment of awareness and attitude towards counterfeit medicines among pharmacy professionals working in community drug retail outlets in Harar town, Ethiopia2021-01-04[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHComparing the mRNA levels in the brain stem of stressed rats with Tianeptine and Sertraline administration2021-01-04[PDF] [XML]
JVSRMercury (Hg) researches in Brazilian biomes: A scientometric analysis between the years 1991 and 20182021-01-04[PDF] [XML]
GRJPAlways Carefully Evaluate the Atlanto-Axial Rotatory Subluxation in Children. One Case Report Presentation2020-12-26[PDF] [XML]
JCANatural and Synthetic Estrogens Regulate Human Health2020-12-23[PDF] [XML]
IJBMApplication of the Parsimony Principle of Exponential Functions to the Production of COVID-19 Immunity, According to Bayesian Theorem and Cybernetics, to Tame Anti-scientific Doxastic Logic and the Pandemic2020-12-14[PDF] [XML]
OJORMultiple Spinal Metastasis of a Thyroid Carcinoma Mimicking Tuberculous Spondylodiscitis: A case report and Literature Review2020-12-10[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHEntamoeba Histolytica Cohabiting Colonic carcinoma -A rare case report2020-11-23[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHManaging COVID + ve patients on inpatient adolescent psychiatry unit- A unique challenge2020-11-20[PDF] [XML]
IRJOEvaluation of Intravital Ranibizumab on Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with Macular Edema by Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography2020-11-19[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDBrugada-like electrocardiogram pattern in a young man taking a proton-pump inhibitor2020-11-16[PDF] [XML]
IJBMNutraceuticals and their Nanotechnology-Based Therapeutic Applications in Different Diseases2020-11-06[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCA study to assess the effectiveness of Rhythmic Breathing exercises on postoperative pain of patient after Abdominal Surgery in selected Hospitals of North Gujarat2020-10-21[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMImpinging problem of COVID 19 associated to obstructive sleep apnea and relevance of ventilatory strategies: A case report2020-10-15[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMCommonsense Approaches to Minimizing Risks from COVID-192020-10-15[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIImpact of COVID-19 on the volume of emergency CT studies in a neuro-trauma reference center2020-10-12[PDF] [XML]
GJURedo hypospadias repair by a single surgeon after failed hypospadias surgeries: Experience from a developing country2020-10-08[PDF] [XML]
RJNNDA brief discussion on the diagnosis and management of Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes associated with ovarian cáncer. The importance of not thinking only about what we see2020-10-08[PDF] [XML]
OJGORWill there still be a need for preparation in Gynecology and Obstetrics for the general surgeons and vice-versa?2020-10-08[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHAsymptomatic free gas post Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) - Is surgical intervention always necessary?2020-09-30[PDF] [XML]
IJHOA Rare Case of Portal Vein Thrombosis due to Protein S deficiency in a patient with Decompensated Cryptogenic CLD with Portal Hypertension, Completely Recanalized by Single Oral Anticoagulant-Rivaroxaban2020-09-12[PDF] [XML]
JCAA Dft Pursuit on Tandem Cycloaddition-Cycloreversion of 2-Pyrone and 1,4-Oxazinone with Strained Alkynes2020-08-29[PDF] [XML]
CJOAwesome repetition of number 3 in correction of Trimorphic Extreme Clubfoot Deformities by Triple Surgical Skin Expansion (An Evolutionary, Multifaceted, Scientific Perspective)2020-08-19[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIThe coronavirus family neurological effects: A literature review2020-08-18[PDF] [XML]
OJORLobular Capillary hemangioma localized to the nasal vestibule: Rare presentation and review of literature2020-08-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHNarcissism: Groundwork for Sectarian Misdemeanors2020-07-01[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHInformed consent and mental health, mainly in Spain, EU2020-06-25[PDF] [XML]
JVSRHigh Fat Diet Load Study in a Natural Obesity-Resistant Animal Model, Suncus murinus2020-06-12[PDF] [XML]
OJDACoronavirus Pandemic: Coping with the Psychological Outcomes, Mental Changes, and the “New Normal” During and After COVID-192020-06-01[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRNatural products and their derived compounds inhibitors of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase2020-05-13[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDVery rare Image for Rheumatoid tricuspid valve changes2020-05-11[PDF] [XML]
OJGORBladder Stone: An Uncommon Cause of Urinary Incontinence2020-05-07[PDF] [XML]
GJPREfficacy of the dry needling of myofascial syndrome in the trapezius muscle: A systematic review2020-05-04[PDF] [XML]
IJBMCoronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Prevention and Disinfection2020-05-01[PDF] [XML]
IJHOCancer Management Practices during the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic2020-04-27[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMYour Next Move: Improving the health of middle-aged men who are overweight or obese2020-04-24[PDF] [XML]
IJFSShort tandem repeat typing technologies used in paternity testing: a case study2020-04-23[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCCutaneous Mastocytosis in a 61-year-old Female from a Dermatological and Histopathological Perspective2020-04-20[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHVegetative growth of Cannabis sativa L. cultivars in Jamaica using 18/6 photoperiod2020-04-18[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHExploring the Applications of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors Beyond Erectile Dysfunction2020-04-15[PDF] [XML]
IJHOPharmacoeconomics of bortezomib - a cochin cancer research centre evaluation and review2020-04-07[PDF] [XML]
GJPRPreliminary Study on Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder and Ergonomic Implementation Program among Wood Carvers in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand2020-04-06[PDF] [XML]
JCRILong Term Survival of a Patient with Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer: A Case Report2020-04-03[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHRoot-end restoration using MTA against the intractable cases of root canal treatment2020-03-25[PDF] [XML]
IJHOA Personalized short-time Immunotherapy with Subcutaneous very low-dose Il-2 plus the Pineal Hormone Melatonin in advanced cancer patients with Persistent Lymphocytopenia2020-03-18[PDF] [XML]
JCRIMolds involving toenails: about two case reports2020-03-17[PDF] [XML]
JCRISupravalvulaire Aortic Stenosis: Case Report2020-03-17[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMHumans Stop Eating Everything That Moves! The High Importance Role of Humans' Food-Consumption Pattern in the Incidence of Emerging Diseases2020-03-11[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMRelationship between the COPD assessment test (CAT) and respiratory function characteristics of North African stable COPD patients2020-03-11[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHA Review on ethnobotanical uses, biological activities and phytochemical aspects of Acacia senegal (L.) Willd. and Acacia seyal Delile. (Fabaceae)2020-03-10[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEAcetate kinase activity test - a new approach to biogas production monitoring in the presence of chlorophenols2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDBrucella tricuspid endocarditis: Case report2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDCase report of a submandibular abscess lethally tracking down through the mediastinum presenting as cardiac empyema2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
OJEEESoftware driven approach for Embedded Devices2020-03-05[PDF] [XML]
GJUPrevalence of Erectile Dysfunction among men of the Uzbek Population who were on the Inpatient Examination and Treatment2020-02-28[PDF] [XML]
GJUNightmare of urologist: Forgotten DJ stent (case series)2020-02-28[PDF] [XML]
IJMEEnhanced interfacial strength of plasma treated polyethylene and glass2020-02-24[PDF] [XML]
JCRIInjection of a bulking agent to combat urinary incontinence after unsuccessful sling therapy in a patient with post prostatectomy urinary incontinence2020-02-24[PDF] [XML]
CJNRenal Medulla and Cortex Strain Elastography in Healthy Individuals2020-02-20[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTThe p53 Slavic Gene Mutation Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome2020-02-20[PDF] [XML]
IJIAComparison and Detection of biofilms layers in Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli Isolated from Clinical Specimens2020-02-19[PDF] [XML]
OJGORInfluence of Ulipristal Acetate in 3D-PW-Doppler parameters of patients with uterine myomas: a prospective observational pilot study2020-02-19[PDF] [XML]
JCRICancer can be cured©2020-02-19[PDF] [XML]
IJIAEvaluating the Potential of Indirect Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay in the quality control of Allergens in Food2020-02-17[PDF] [XML]
OJGORRural community based study of Magnitude of Anaemia in Women of Reproductive age2020-02-12[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEvaluation of certain pesticides and their alternatives against the black vine thrips, Retithrips syriacus (Mayet) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) infesting grapevine2020-02-10[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMGiant Mediastinal Ganglioneuroma in a Female Child2020-02-07[PDF] [XML]
IJFSTeenager in conflict with the Law: addiction and impulsivity2020-02-07[PDF] [XML]
OSJSGranulomatory Mastitis: A histological benign lesion with a malignant Radioclinical profile: About 3 Cases2020-02-01[PDF] [XML]
GJUTreatment of urolithiasis using extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy2020-01-29[PDF] [XML]
JCAFirst step concerning improvement of arsenic removal by adapted Kanchan filters in the lowlands of Nepal2020-01-29[PDF] [XML]
IRJOHerbal Treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Literature Review2020-01-29[PDF] [XML]
OJRMITomodensitometric aspects of Metastatic Breast Cancer seen in medical imaging in University Hospital Center Luxembourg2020-01-25[PDF] [XML]
GJUClinical Case Review - First HoLEP using Lumenis. LTD patented MOSES technology at the First center in Iraq using the Lumenis. LTD high-power holmium laser system Pulse 120H with Moses technology2020-01-24[PDF] [XML]
IJBMStudy of Copolymerization Acrylamide with Methyl Methacrylate2020-01-24[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIAssessment of the Awareness and Attitude of Emergency Physicians towards the use of Computed Tomography in patients with head injury in various hospitals in Anambra State, Nigeria2020-01-24[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDevelopment of Multiblooming Greengram genotypes with Moderate Mosaic Yellow in resistance2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
JVSREffect of antioxidants on lysozyme and complement activities in heat-stressed rabbits2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMDetermination of Neuro-Muscular, Circulatory, Pulmonary Function and Psychological Fitness among the Second Year Indian Students2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
OJGORManagement of placenta percreta. A case report2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHDetermination of the Duration of single Pregnancy in Dakar and the Contributing Factors2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
OSJSA 14 years old woman with a giant mucinous adenocarcinoma of the ovary: A case report2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
IJAPRThe Opioid Epidemic: Misuse, Tolerance and Addiction2020-01-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHComparative Studies of Intra and Inter Specific Hybrid of F2 Generations in Mungbean2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHNew Prediction Models of Innovative Technologies for Maximising the Production of Greengram and Blackgram in Coastal Areas of India2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
OJAETypological analysis for knowledge and Conservation of Spread Built Heritage: A case study2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHPredictive factors of Uterine Rupture2020-01-09[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRPhysicochemical Properties and Stability of Microencapsulated Betacyanin Pigments from Red Dragon Fruit Peels and Flesh2020-01-06[PDF] [XML]
OJDAIs there a connection between fecal and milk microbiota composition and function and perinatal depression? Rationale for future studies2020-01-02[PDF] [XML]
OJGORPersisting high magnitude of anaemia in Women of Reproductive age2019-12-31[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDevelopment of Yellow Mosaic Virus Resistant Genotypes in Urdbean TNAU blackgram VBN 6: A high yielding blackgram variety with resistant to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus2019-12-31[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDevelopment of high yielding with durable resistance against Mungbean yellow mosaic virus genotypes in Blackgram2019-12-31[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHOverview: Integrated Management of Plant Diseases towards Sustainable Development2019-12-27[PDF] [XML]
OJGORAntipsychotics during Pregnancy: Pros and Cons2019-12-27[PDF] [XML]
IRJOGSTs (T1 and M1) population data in patients with glaucoma: genetic screening and ethical aspects2019-12-18[PDF] [XML]
JCRIA fatal near-range gunshot below the chin in a child2019-12-16[PDF] [XML]
OSJSPeritonitis by Spontaneous rupture of ovarian dermoid cyst: a case report2019-12-16[PDF] [XML]
IJMEHeterogeneous objects representation for Additive Manufacturing: a review2019-12-14[PDF] [XML]
JVSRSurvey of Gastrointestinal Parasitic infection in Captive Wild Animals of a Central Zoological Garden in Iran2019-12-13[PDF] [XML]
IJMEDesiccant cooling as an alternative to traditional air conditioners in green cooling technology2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJFSWhen a Juvenile Commit Criminal Act2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIVisual failure following an invasive macroadenoma of the pituitary gland: A case report2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMPulmonary Blastoma in an adult male2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJFNRMicroencapsulation of Betalain from Philippine Beta vulgaris as stable colorant powder2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJFSTwo violations followed by homicide2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJFSEthical implications of terminally ill and the current state of Do Not Resuscitate orders2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCPhysioterapical recovery of type 2 Diabetes2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHAxes and Intestinal Microbiota2019-12-09[PDF] [XML]
GJUHyaluronan as a predictive biomarker in recurrent renal stone formers2019-12-06[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEPhytoremediation of Soil Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons: A Review of Recent Literature2019-12-06[PDF] [XML]
JVSRCan Zingiber officinale immunomodulation in Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) against Vibrio alginolyticus?2019-12-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMSimultaneous EEG-fMRI: A novel approach to localize the Seizure Onset Zone 2019-12-04[PDF] [XML]
OJRMITeleradiology pros and cons: Editorial2019-12-04[PDF] [XML]
OJGORImpact of white poisons in Management of Women with Pcos2019-12-02[PDF] [XML]
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OJORReconstruction of anterior lamella of lower lid by double reciprocal flaps2019-11-29[PDF] [XML]
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OJPRMEffects of 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) on the activity of human bronchial tissue2019-11-25[PDF] [XML]
JVSRSero-prevalence of serological of Lawsonia intracellularis in domestic pigs in South Korea2019-11-25[PDF] [XML]
AMCPThe study of mood disorders among patients with meningioma as the first symptoms of the tumor2019-11-22[PDF] [XML]
JCANanotechnological advances of Lipid film-based biosensors for the rapid detection of biological compounds and toxicants2019-11-22[PDF] [XML]
MJMRDA comprehensive study of super mean labelling in three star graph2019-11-18[PDF] [XML]
RJCSENew model for local fractional integral of Chebyshev polynomials for image denoising2019-11-18[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIInternal carotid artery injury secondary to acupuncture revealed using MRI2019-11-18[PDF] [XML]
OSJSAggressive Surgical Management of Spontaneous Intramuscular Haematomas in Patients with Cirrhosis is an Important Therapeutic Option2019-11-13[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHA comparison of risk factors and clinical presentations of the young and elderly individuals with Barrett's esophagus2019-11-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHA Case of Myotonia Congenita and Schizophrenia: Difficulties in Treatment with Antipsychotics due to Hypersensitivity to Extrapyramidal Symptoms2019-11-13[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHIdentification of temperature sensitive resistance to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in wheat differential hosts and its potential applications in resistance breeding2019-11-09[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDRight Ventricle Recovery after ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Treated by Primary PCI as Assessed by 2D Speckle Tracking Echocardiography2019-11-09[PDF] [XML]
OJDAComparison of the Prevalence of addiction internet in Brazilian University Students: Online cognition scale versus internet addiction test2019-11-06[PDF] [XML]
OJDAFormation Prediction of Pre-Nosological Mental Disorders in Combatants2019-11-06[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRPreparation of Natural Antioxidant Health Supplements from Philippine-Grown Medicinal Plants2019-11-04[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHPredicting the Formation of Borderline Mental Disorders in combatants using a standardized method of personality research2019-11-01[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEAre we Already in a Climate Crisis?2019-10-26[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMThe effect of balance activity on Down syndrome boys2019-10-21[PDF] [XML]
IJBMIn vitro susceptibility testing of Candida species isolated from blood stream infections to five conventional antifungal drugs2019-10-19[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHResponse of Plant Hormone bioassay to Paclobutrazol2019-10-18[PDF] [XML]
IJFSCriminal Investigation of a Burning Child2019-10-18[PDF] [XML]
IJFSSexual Assault Forensic Examination in adult and child cases: Is Colposcopy Really Necessary?2019-10-18[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDECMO usefulness in refractory shock secondary to Phenylephrine poisoning: About a case in a Pediatric subject2019-10-14[PDF] [XML]
OJORThe correlation between hearing loss and the site of eardrum perforation: about 260 cases2019-10-09[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHThe Physiological Changes During Pregnancy2019-10-09[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEffect of the Soil Amendments on the Mechanical Harvest of Potato Crop Grown under Centre Pivot Irrigation System2019-10-09[PDF] [XML]
GJUBayesian Tragedy and Categorical Medical Error in Prostate Cancer2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDIntracardiac Repair of Intermediate Atrioventricular Canal by Nunn’s Technique: A Video Presentation2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEffect of the Soil Amendments on the Physical and Chemical Properties of the Soil under Centre Pivot Irrigation System2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDTwo-Patch Repair of Rastelli’s Type-A Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect under Mild Hypothermic Extracorporeal Circulation and Cardioplegic Arrest: A Video Presentation2019-10-07[PDF] [XML]
JVSRBaseline survey of Ixodid Ticks Infesting Cattle in Northern State, Sudan2019-10-05[PDF] [XML]
OJAEAn overview on passive cooling systems in green building architectures2019-10-03[PDF] [XML]
RJNNDInterferon-beta, but not Glatiramer Acetate treatment induces gender-specific increase in BDNF serum levels in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis female patients2019-09-14[PDF] [XML]
JVSRRole of BoLA-DRB3 genetic diversity against resistance to mastitis in cattle: Review2019-09-12[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHJustification of Calculation of Illegal Drug Consumption2019-09-10[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMSelf-Regulation in Performing Handstand2019-09-07[PDF] [XML]
IJFSBloodstain Pattern Analysis Provides Evidence during Crime Scene Investigation2019-09-05[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEOil palm biomass wastes as renewable energy sources in Malaysia: Potentials and challenges2019-09-03[PDF] [XML]
IJHOEffect of Green Tea and Zinc oxide Nanoparticles Complex on Histopathology of Spleen of Male Rats Induced by Monosodium Glutamate2019-08-30[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTDeletion of SHANK3 and CREBBP gene in the patients with intellectual disability and mix phenotype2019-08-30[PDF] [XML]
GJUAxitinib radiotherapy combination in rcc cancer2019-08-13[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRTherapeutic targets to reduce the contribution of pulmonary neutrophilic inflammation towards obesity-associated co-morbidities: a mini-review2019-08-10[PDF] [XML]
JVSRAssessment of seasonal and spatial variations of heavy metals in the muscles of Oreochromis niloticus and Clarias gariepinus at Sharkia province, Egypt: Biochemistry and Histology Evaluation2019-08-08[PDF] [XML]
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IJRMSHFertility regulation2019-08-01[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCFocus group qualitative analysis of Middle East and Western nurses assessing and planning interventions in refugee camps2019-07-30[PDF] [XML]
GJPRCombatants’ Self-assessment of Mental Health2019-07-30[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDLeft Ventricular Aneurysmectomy and Repair of Post-infarct Ventricular Septal Defect with Concomitant Aortocoronary Bypass Grafting: A Video Presentation2019-07-27[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDA novel technique of repair of congenital left atrial appendage aneurysm using bovine pericardial patch: A video presentation2019-07-27[PDF] [XML]
IJBMCell thermoregulation hypothesis: its origin, material basis, mechanisms and meaning2019-07-26[PDF] [XML]
IJFSJuvenile Delinquency and the Legal System: Potential Implications and Investigations2019-07-25[PDF] [XML]
OSJSAdherence of Emergency Physicians to Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network-Clinical Decision Rule (PECARN-CDR) in Minor Head Injuries Emergency Patients2019-07-20[PDF] [XML]
IJBMEffect of nanoparticles on Escherichia coli growth dynamics2019-07-19[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCAcute hemorrhagic edema of young children: open questions and perspectives2019-07-17[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCSkin Aging & Modern Edge Anti-Aging Strategies2019-07-11[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHEfficacy Evaluation of Standardized Fenugreek seeds extract as Furostanolic Saponins & Myo-Inositol (Nutricyst-M) in Management of Insulin Resistance (IR) & Ovary Volume in PCOS Subjects2019-07-01[PDF] [XML]
IJBMB-chromosomes and cell thermoregulation2019-06-29[PDF] [XML]
OJGORPersisting teen age births, a global challenge2019-06-28[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHPhytochemicals and Antibacterial Activity of Leaf and Stem Extracts of Ageratum conyzoides (Linn) on Some Clinical Isolates2019-06-27[PDF] [XML]
IJDSCIdentification of Trichophyton mentagrophytes strains isolated from patients with dermatophytosis2019-06-26[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEClimate change and Paddy Yield in Malaysia: A short communication2019-06-21[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTGenetic counselling of Mucopolysaccharidosis type III: case report and literature review2019-06-16[PDF] [XML]
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IJPMHThe Economic Burden of PTSD. A brief review of salient literature2019-06-15[PDF] [XML]
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JPHSMImprovements in fitness and vitality after a short high intensity training2019-06-08[PDF] [XML]
OJORGiant lipoma of the left neck: rare location2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDA Treatise on the Surgical Management of Porcelain Atrium and Coconut Atrium2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDAssessment of Dental Status and Oral Health Status in Children with Congenital Heart Diseases2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJFSNewborn Baby Killed a Father2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJFSA case of fatal intracranial haemorrhage due to ruptured berry aneurysm2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
JCRIRole of genetic diagnosis in thyroid neoplasms2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMNeurological Mechanisms in Immune Regulation2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMX-chromosome inactivation: dosage compensation of genes or heterochromatin?2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
GJCEEObservational developments of the culture of big-belly seahorse, Hippocampus abdominalis (Lesson, 1827): A conservation effort for the future2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHWho Can Treat Mandibular Trauma Better?2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
OSJSQuality of life patients with anorectal disorders2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
IJBMCell Thermoregulation: Reality or just a logical Construction?2019-06-06[PDF] [XML]
OJFNRValidation of data provided by the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique for better evaluation of breastfeeding practice2019-05-18[PDF] [XML]
OSJSSlipped cervical disc: Treatment by means of, all in one2019-05-09[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHFeasibility Controlling Hemoglobin A1c by Oral Hygiene Improvement: A Pilot Study2019-05-04[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMCatharsis as a therapy: an overview on health and human development2019-05-04[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMCombining Effect of Observational Practice, Mental Imagery and Physical Practice on learning a Soccer Dribbling Task in Amateur Boys2019-05-04[PDF] [XML]
IJAPRSuccessful Treatment of medically refractory scleroderma digital gangrene with long-term continuous brachial plexus block2019-05-02[PDF] [XML]
OJPSRAwareness of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) use among population in Saudi Arabia2019-04-30[PDF] [XML]
RJCSEHeuristics for Efficient Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing2019-04-27[PDF] [XML]
OSJSMedical-legal aspects and risk management2019-04-25[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCUse of Kinaesthetic in patient mobilization: an evaluation study2019-04-25[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHFemale Sexual Dysfunction2019-04-25[PDF] [XML]
OJPRMA Broken Arrow: a rare complication of Endotracheal tube introducer2019-04-24[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHPlant Virus Interaction: Layers of Plant Antiviral Immunity2019-04-24[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHThe Discourse on Measuring Frequency of Tongue Strength2019-04-22[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHEffect of paclobutrazol on fruit quality and physio-chemical composition of Mango cvs. Dashehari, Langra, Chausa and Fazri2019-04-13[PDF] [XML]
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IJCGHTrasplante de microbiota intestinal, un paradigma en remisión (por reducir a 8 páginas)2019-04-13[PDF] [XML]
IJBMThe Link Between Chronic Periodontitis and Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Short Review2019-04-13[PDF] [XML]
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OJGORAlternative combined surgical treatment of severe pelvic organ prolapsed2019-04-02[PDF] [XML]
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OJPSRA Critical Review on Adaptive Sample Size Re-estimation (SSR) Designs for Superiority Trials with Continuous Endpoints2019-04-01[PDF] [XML]
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OJGORNiche After Cesarean Section2019-03-28[PDF] [XML]
IJFSFemale exposed to violence at Beni Suef governorate (Egypt) "2010-2014"2019-03-28[PDF] [XML]
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IJAPRBotulinum Toxin Treatment for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy A Review2019-03-25[PDF] [XML]
OJDOHOrthodontic anterior teeth space closure in an adult with posterior long standing fixed partial denture2019-03-22[PDF] [XML]
OSJSTyphoid ileal perforation in Shisong, Northwestern Cameroon2019-03-21[PDF] [XML]
IRJORed Eye in Rural Environment: An Unusual Reason2019-03-21[PDF] [XML]
JCANanocomposites and their employment as scavengers of water pollutants2019-03-15[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHCurcumina: Vegetable pigment with pharmacological activities and possible therapeutic applicabilities2019-03-14[PDF] [XML]
GJPREffectiveness of tendoachilles and hamstring stretching on nocturnal leg cramps among antenatal women2019-03-14[PDF] [XML]
GJPRThe Physiotherapy work with Hansen’s Disease Patients2019-03-14[PDF] [XML]
RJSTTThe relation of vitamin D level to adverse prognostic factors in Non Hodgkin lymphoma: A single center analysis2019-03-11[PDF] [XML]
GJUIatrogenic Ureterovaginal Fistulae: Difficulties in Diagnosis and Treatment in Our Case series2019-03-08[PDF] [XML]
IJRMSHRobson’s class and caesarean scar defects2019-03-08[PDF] [XML]
JCRIDermoscopy of naevus spilus2019-03-08[PDF] [XML]
JCAApplication of Polyhedral Spherical Packing Precipitation Technology in Water Plant Reform2019-03-05[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHIranian traditional medicine and Medicinal plants2019-03-01[PDF] [XML]
IJCGHA new, economical, and easy protocol to culture 3D mouse hepatoid and cholangoid2019-02-28[PDF] [XML]
OSJSMucosal stripping and muscular layer quilting in the treatment of anal canal duplication: Operative technique2019-02-28[PDF] [XML]
RJNNDRed Ear Syndrome preceding Multiple Sclerosis: A Novel Correlation2019-02-28[PDF] [XML]
OJFNRShedding new light on cancer management - a renewed focus on cancer cachexia2019-02-27[PDF] [XML]
CJOThe importance of the quality of power supply of treating fractures of the bones of the leg according to the ilizarov method2019-02-23[PDF] [XML]
IRJOMonoamines, pterines, or tetrahydrofolate are not useful as biomarkers for diagnosing mitochondrial disorders2019-02-22[PDF] [XML]
OJORA case with Chiari malformation 2 diagnosed with vertigo2019-02-21[PDF] [XML]
IJBMEvaluation of the awareness regarding denture disinfection in rural Indian population2019-02-20[PDF] [XML]
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GJCEESocial factors for coastal management: A short review and some insights2019-02-12[PDF] [XML]
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IJPMHCreation of an out of hours child and Adolescent Mental Health emergency service2019-02-08[PDF] [XML]
OJGORThe under appreciated need for maternal and newborn immunization: call to action2019-02-08[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMPower supply as a predictor for patronage of recreational centres in kaduna, Nigeria2019-02-06[PDF] [XML]
OJNMCBarriers to Effective Management of Malaria in Children under Five Years in a Primary Care, Ghana2019-02-03[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDUnproven genotype/phenotype correlation in any genetic defect associated with non-compaction2019-02-01[PDF] [XML]
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JVSREffects of condensed tannins towards dairy caprine gastrointestinal nematodes2019-01-25[PDF] [XML]
IJBMStroke in mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes is a vasogenic edema and not ischemic2019-01-24[PDF] [XML]
GRJPOne Institution - 2 Podcasts - Our experience2019-01-24[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDConsider cardiac and non-cardiac predictors of sudden death in myotonic dystrophy type 12019-01-24[PDF] [XML]
CJNThe effects of oral sodium bicarbonate on extracellular water in patients with chronic kidney disease2019-01-23[PDF] [XML]
JCASynthesis and Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash Based Magnetic Hydrogel (RHA-MH) for H2 Generation2019-01-23[PDF] [XML]
OJDACould Television Commercials Marketing Prescription Drugs Cause Psychological Harm to the Public?2019-01-23[PDF] [XML]
IJBMHuman adaptation: why only genes?2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
IJPMHFast-acting effects of l-tetrahydropalmatine on depression and anxiety in mice2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
OSJSLife-threatening spontaneous hematoma of the chest wall treated with packing and delayed chest closure2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
OJORCerebral venous thrombosis secondary to an occult maxillary sinusitis in a young male from sub-Saharan Africa2019-01-22[PDF] [XML]
JCRIConservative management of post-traumatic sialocele of the parotid gland: A case report2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JCRIBiological Treatment of a Synthetic Musk in a Raw Hospital Wastewater Under Different Sludge Retention Times2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDNew oral anticoagulants for thromboembolic risk from noncompaction?2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
JPHSMThe postural impact on the prevention of injuries in young basketball players: A longitudinal preliminary study2019-01-19[PDF] [XML]
OJORBrachial plexus schwannoma in early adolescence. Case report2019-01-11[PDF] [XML]
OJGORDemons meigs’ syndrome secondary to begnin brenner tumor with high ca125 plasmatic level: first case described in kara teaching hospital2019-01-10[PDF] [XML]
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IJPSHPhysiological and Developmental Response of Selected Upland Rice Genotypes to Water and Nutrient Stress Condition2019-01-07[PDF] [XML]
CJNNephrogenic diabetes insipidus in a patient with lymphoma2019-01-07[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHDiurnal variation of the chemical composition and its repercussion on the biological activity polyphenolics of Salvia officinalis aerial parts2019-01-04[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDCardiac involvement in children with respiratory chain disorders2019-01-04[PDF] [XML]
IJPSHFarming of Cucumber in Doon Valley of Uttarakhand, India2019-01-03[PDF] [XML]
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JCSHDMYH7 mutation and non-isolated noncompaction2019-01-03[PDF] [XML]
OJGORGestational weight gain and pregnancy outcome in women with excessive pre-pregnancy body mass index2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
OJRMIMRI validation of Post-Prostatectomy Radiotherapy Contouring2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
IJGMGTPathogenicity of low heteroplasmic m.3243A>G variants requires confirmation2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
JCSHDQT-prolongation and noncompaction2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
IJBM12S-rRNA and COX1 carriers require comprehensive individual and family investigations and follow-up2019-01-02[PDF] [XML]
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JPHSMBiomechanics and Physiology in top level Pole Dancers. A case study2018-12-18[PDF] [XML]

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