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Clinical ImageDOI Number : 10.36811/jcri.2019.110009Article Views : 24Article Downloads : 11

A fatal near-range gunshot below the chin in a child

Youssef Nouma

Forensic doctor, Forensic department, Teaching Hospital Habib Bourguiba, Medenine, Tunisia

*Correspondig Author: Youssef Nouma, Forensic doctor, Forensic department, Teaching Hospital Habib Bourguiba, Medenine, Tunisia, Tel: +21652477109; Email: docyoussef@live.fr 

Article Information

Aritcle Type: Clinical Image

Citation: Youssef Nouma. 2019. A fatal near-range gunshot below the chin in a child. J Case Rept Img. 1: 52-53.

Copyright: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Copyright © 2019; Youssef Nouma

Publication history:

Received date: 02 December, 2019
Accepted date: 14 December, 2019
Published date: 16 December, 2019

A fatal near-range gunshot below the chin in a child

A 14-year-old child was shot from distance in a neighboring country. The all available data was taken from the father without any idea about the scene investigation or the witness statements. On external examination, we have found a near-range gunshot entry wound with an ovalshaped entrance defect in the submental region. The defect edges were crenellated and scalloped showing the appearance of a "rat-hole" surrounded by concentric soot area with deposited burned grains and enfumage zone (Image 1). A reentry wound surrounded by a red-purple zone in the tongue underside (Image 2) and an exit wound in its upper side were found. At the frontal region, a stellate exit wound was seat of brain matter and bone splinter (Image 3). X-ray showed bone fractures without any metal object (Image 4). At autopsy, the tongue was shredded and there was a massive hemorrhage in the aero digestive crossroads. The external beveling of the exit wound was associated with skull bursting, sub- and extra-dural hematomas, and multiple brain hemorrhagic foci. Lack of ballistic study, we only confirmed that "penetrating cranio-facial trauma with at least one near-range gunshot below the chin" was the cause of death. Thus, all hypotheses of accident, suicide or homicide were possible provided the shot was fired from short distance. After confronting the father to this finding, he confessed that he tried to conceal the truth in order to protect his older son. The deceased was shot by his 16-year-old brother, while they were playing "cops and robbers" game.

Figure legend

Image 1: A near-range gunshot entry wound in the submental region.

Image 2: A reentry gunshot wound in the tongue underside.

Image 3: A stellate exit wound in the frontal region.

Image 4: X-ray showed bone fractures without any metal object.



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